Spring Is In The Air & I Smell Vetiver!

Hey mark girls! I'm really excited to announce that at midnight tonight, the newest magalog launches! First thing first, Ashley Greene looks white hot on the cover. But that's not a shocker. She's beautiful and looks great in everything. Seriously, mark. has really stepped up the products this year, and has a kick-ass brand ambassador to boot! She's young and fresh faced and in an absolute ton of movies lately. She's Hollywood beautiful, smart and sassy, and best friend personality material. How can you go wrong?
So last month, many of you had the pleasure of checking out the newest mark. fragrance White Vetiver. If you haven't smelled it yet, it's amazing! It lasts a really long time and has so many complementary notes to it. It's an almost hypnotic, woody floral scent. Contact me to try it today!

The black and white theme continues in mag 3 with new fashion and accessories. The Modern Art Necklace is the newest statement piece. It's funky in shape but has a classic feel with the glossy black and clear stones. It can be pieced with casual and dressy outfits. And it's only $16! It looks way more expensive, right?

If you're looking to pair it with a dress, check out the Frill Factor Dress. mark. has remade the LBD again, and it hits the mark... again. Overall the simplicity of the dress is welcoming and lends itself to be worn to work or a party depending on your accessories. But the pleating on the cap shoulders is anything but plain. A seriously cute dress with details for only $30? Sign me up, please! You can add the Weave It To Me Belt because it's adorable, neutral, $16 and belted outfits are all the rage.

Now for bags! I love bags! You've got some great choices. First up is the Zip Around Bag. It's a slouchy hobo that has lots of room for all your stuff without looking ragged. The closures look sophisticated and the sipper has a tassel detail. It comes in two beautiful colors: stone and cerulean. It's only $32, but if you make a mark purchase of $20 or more, you can get the Zip Around Bag for only $20. Holy handbags! That's a ridiculous price! Snatch it up quick.

If you're looking for a bag that stand out differently, then look at the Wild Things Clutch. Is this bag for real? Snakeskin, silver chain and black tassel zipper are combined in a statement bag that screams "you wish you had this bag." Well, you can get it for $28 and wear it with all that sass you rock.

So get it on these deals girls. Head on over to my eBoutique to get these new items. See my Facebook event Help Aubrey Make Her mark. to learn how you can help me get to the National Sales Meeting in NYC and to see how you can be entered in a new raffle to win great mark products! Good luck!

Free Stuff For You!

Are you interested in getting FREE stuff from mark? Well I am looking to recruit some marketing help. I'd like to have 3 or more people to promote my Facebook event Help Aubrey Make Her mark. I am trying to sell my way to the national sales meeting. I'll get an invite if I can sell at least $2000 worth of great mark. products. Just contact me and I'll tell you how you can help.

And don't forget, there's a new raffle going on too! Just make a purchase of any amount to be entered in the raffle where I'll be giving away a HUGE gift pack of great mark products!. If you make a purchase of $50 or more gets a special FREE gift!

check out the Facebook fan page for more info!


V-Day Specials!

First, a quick little message to the guys who may have wandered across this blog:
You need to have a good present for your lady! No, she probably doesn't want whatever it is you're planning on picking up at CVS the evening before or the afternoon of. It doesn't have to be expensive or large, but just put some thought in it. You can't go wrong with a gift pack from me! Message me for a specialized pack or go shopping on my eBoutique to pick out something on your own. It's not difficult and it will mean a lot more than stuffed bear holding an embroidered heart that you may have left the price tag attached to.

Now on to my beauties who want the scoop on some great Valentine's Day looks! February 14th has always been special to me. Not just because Valentine's Day is awesome, but because it's also my birthday! This year, though, the hubs will be out of town. Sad I know, but he's training for his new dream job for the next 30 weeks (eek!). But I'll still be celebrating in style with one of my girls so it will be great!

I've been thinking about my outfit, hair and makeup lately. mark. gives you so many options when it comes to makeup choices. On Valentine's Day I like to mix the pinks and reds. It's just a personal choice, and I tend to rock that personal fashion choice. I've made another Polyvore set to show off my ideal Valentine-Birthday/Girl-Date outfit.

In this set, I included a few of my mark. favorites! First you'll see the Just Pinched Instant Blush Tint in Cheeky. I use this close to everyday. It's such a great rosy color. The cream stick stays on without being cakey. It's a very sheer color that lets you build it until you get the color you want. The sheer cream texture stays on all day too, which is awesome because this wintery weather seems to test all long-wear makeup. This one passes the test.

The two lip products can be used separately or together for extra long lasting effects. The mark. Kissink Lip Tintmarker is so awesome. I have the marker in Siren as shown and it lasts longer than a Glee marathon! The color is great by itself and is also a great base for the next item I'm in love with year, it's the best red I've used in a long time. mark. Lipclick Lipstick in Cha Cha is such a great product. The red is so lively and luxurious. I can't say I wasn't nervous to try this color at first, but I'm so glad that I did. I wear it quite often. I think it makes my teeth look a little whiter too. Not sure if it's true or not, but if it makes me feel better, then I'm going to run with it.

I will be making a cute smokey eye look with the i-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadows. I like the shades Luvstruck, Plum Velvet , Corset, and Glitterati. I practiced this look once before but haven't had a chance to wear it since so I'm super excited!

I know that I'll most likely be wearing the Noir Star dress. I guess it will be dependent upon the weather. Although Punxatawney Phil did not see his shadow, it's still not feeling like it will be an early spring. I'd love to be wearing those cute pink pumps and carrying that adorably jeweled clutch purse. Well, a girl can dream, but I'm sure I'll find some great pieces for the evening.

I'd like to hear about your special Valentine's Day plans. Any particular looks or mark. products you'll be using? Be sure to let me know. Right now the Facebook Fan Page has an album of celebrity looks with how they were created. Be sure to "like" us!


Love Is In The Air And So Is A New Contest

Today the newest mark. magalog turned over. If you don't have Magalog 2 '11 let me know and I'll be sure to get one to you. You'll be excited to see what's inside. If you have "liked" my Facebook fan page, Aubrey's mark. eBoutique then you have seen my tips and news about mark. I post pictures of celebrities seen wearing mark. and I hold contests for great new products. Congrats to Leah Volpe for winning the New Year New You raffle! She'll be receiving a gift pack very soon. Stay tuned to get the very special details about a Valentines contest coming up. I'm really excited about this one!


Wash Away The Winter Blues

Trust me beauties, you do NOT want to miss out on these skincare kits. I'm still loving mine. Pleasantly surprised that the moisturizer is still kicking butt even during this crazy thunder snow storm we were hit with this week. I've been good and I've been sticking with the glam girl plan of making sure my makeup is off and face is clean. Of course, now I have a monster blemish brewing on my chin. But we all know that's because I rest on my hand most of the day. Note to self: I need to stop that too. But I'm not as worried about this potential Doug because I also have mark. Save The Day Anti-Acne Concealer Stick. It is a life saver and works wonders at concealing and healing.

But alas, I didn't intend for the post title to be so literal. My last post was about the skincare kit, but this one is more about making the best of a situation. For many of us, the season is full of many fun and not so fun things. Who doesn't love seeing flurries fall as you're out walking on a romantic date? Or having a fun (and calorie burning) snowball fight with buds? I personally like the idea of cuddling up with my honey and some hot cocoa. But while these are all well and good, the season also brings winter hat hair, red noses and sniffles, frozen fingers, wet/slushy pant hems, ice, bulky coats. I could go on and on, people. I grew up in Maryland. I lived through years of colds and being snowed in, but things are different now. For one thing, I was young and still had recess. In the very least, I got to stay home from school and watch The Price is Right. Secondly, I moved away to Florida. There's not much more i can say about that one. It's Florida. Sure I traded snow for hurricanes, and it was all worth it. But while I love me some sunshine, I love love more.

A long term relationship turned to engagement and it made sense to move back. I was not looking forward to winters again, but I thought I was prepared. "Been there, done that" is what I thought. And now? "Guuuurrrrllll, don't kid yourself. You're such a baby and you hate just about everything about the cold." Dramatic, I know, but it's not so far off. So what is a sunny beach girl supposed to do when she's stuck in the dreary winter city? Well, I have a few answers to that questions. And here it goes!

First, I've been getting my energy up by going to the gym. Wow Bre, really? The gym. That is so original, the audiences can't take it. But if you know me, it's my kryptonite. But that would mean I have super powers, and that would render the gym unnecessary. So let's go with another one. I'm Edward Cullen and Planet Fitness is the respective Jacob Black. I hate him, everything about him. I keep my distance on principle, not based upon actual facts or interactive experience. I need his help to get back and keep what I want. Ok, ok I'll stop. But seriously, I hate Jacob, er, the gym. But now it's unavoidable and I have to go. I'm not great at it, but it's not so bad after all. Sometimes I feel guilty about leaving the dogs home in order to go to the gym and so I try to compensate with the Shake Weight (don't judge me) and EA Sports Active on the Wii. But you can read all about my missteps of fitness and weight loss here. I use this along with the blue therapy light from GE my husband bought me for Christmas. My friend Ashley calls it a "happy light". Funny, but true. I like it and it seems to work, placebo effect or not.

Next is more of a rule of thumb. Whenever I'm not feeling quite my best I try not to let myself succumb to those feelings. This is really hard when the weather is dreary and cold, but the effort is well worth it. Now whether that means I dress up an outfit with some standout jewelry, show-stopping shoes, new hairstyle and barrette, eye-popping shadows, or a flirty new lip color. I swear it works. Try it out one day. Just adding something to my day that is out of the ordinary gives it that little push to get me over the hump of whatever is bothering me. I love trying out new looks and accessories on these days. The trend insiders at mark. help give me ideas for these days. I love using pops of color here and there. I'm in love with the new Brown Eye Kit.

This picture shows the model also wearing I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow in Lotus. I also use this color. I think it's a really nice addition and it has an icy look to it. I've done this look in the evening for a date night with the hubs. I've also done a slightly more subdued lighter version of the same 3 colors for a daytime look. mark. also has 2 other eye kits for blue and hazel eyes which are also very nice.


New Year New You

Hello my beauties! I want to welcome you to the mark. Girl Blog. Some of you may be previous customers and other may have simply stumbled upon this blog. No matter how you got here, I'm very glad you came. I'll be using this blog to accompany my various mark avenues: eBoutique, Twitter, and Facebook. These are the main ways to hear about sales and specials going on in the world of mark.

First things first. There is only one more day left to score one of mark.'s two newest skincare kits. If you order by tomorrow evening, January 27, 2011, you can get the Plan of Action Oil Control Kit or the Self Improvement Skin Brightening Kit for only $40! Each kit includes full sizes and travel sizes.

Plan of Action Oil Control KitMATTE CHANCE MATTIFYING LOTION: Pumpkin seed, a natural mattifier; sugar cane, a source of alpha hydroxy acid; and silica, an oil absorber, play key roles in this light, oil-free moisturizer.

MIST OPPORTUNITY MULTI-TASKING REFRESHER: Grapefruit, lemongrass and kiwi extracts are all infused in this alcohol-free mist that purifies and revives the skin.

THAT'S DEEP PURIFYING GEL CLEANSER: Sugar maple, a source of alpha hydroxy acid, and black willow bark star in this soap-free formula.

MIST OPPORTUNITY MULTI-TASKING REFRESHER: Grapefruit, lemongrass and kiwi extracts are all infused in this alcohol-free mist that purifies and revives the skin.

CALMING EFFECT COMFORTING MILK CLEANSER:Banana and oat milk protein combine powers for a soap-free formula that nourishes the skin as it cleanses.

SEE THINGS CLEARLY BRIGHTENING MOISTURIZER: Mulberry, molasses and licorice combine for a unique brightening complex that, with the help of antioxidant-rich lotus flower, works to improve skin clarity.

You can get them for the great price at my eBoutique.

But rest assured, I'm not about to sell you products blindly. I really do use it. When this great deal first came out, I was pumped. Although I loved the products I was using at the time, but I believe that switching it up now and again is good for my skin. I purchased the Self Improvement Skin Brightening Kit. I break out once in a while, but its not major and I'm pretty sure it's due mainly to occasional stress and my being lazy. Sometimes my glamour girl status takes a bit of a dive and I succumb to bad girl laziness and go to bed without taking my makeup off. I know! I know! I already beat myself up about, don't get down on me too. But I've been trying to be good. It's always easy when you have new products that you're excited about. I chose the brightening kit because I currently live in the Mid-Atlantic region. And if that means nothing to you, I'll summarize with the fact that the temperature hasn't been above 34 degrees in about a month. I'm also stuck inside writing this post because there is a storm of lightening, thunder and snow happening right now. Real 2012 sounding, I know. Anyway, this type of weather leaves my skin pretty dull. Not even my favorite bronzer can help. I've simply chalked it up to something I must live with during the season.

But that was then and this is now. This kit is so different and I couldn't be happier with it. The Calming Effect Comforting Milk Cleanser wasn't frothy, like I prefer, but I really felt like my skin was clean afterward. I normally use a washcloth to help with exfoliation, but sometimes I also like mark. Go With The Grain once in a while. The cleanser rinsed easily and left no residue. My skin didn't even feel very tight afterwards. Then I used the Mist Opportunity Multi-Tasking Refresher spray. I really liked that my skin actually felt refreshed after an overall spray. Placebo-effect? Who know, but my skin felt nice so I'm buying it. Next was the See Things Clearly Brightening Moisturizer. The packaging is unique and fun, but I've never used a moisturizing gel/lotion. I was really worried. This winter weather has been wreaking havoc on my skin. Even my rich, velvety moisturizers seem to wear off by the end of the work day. I was worried my skin would be asking for more before I even had time to apply my makeup. Boy was I wrong! While I misjudged the amount I needed at first, but my skin felt smooth all day and I didn't see the signs of wear until well into the evening. How great is that? Seriously girls, you know what I'm talking about. By the time the work day ends, my makeup seems to separate and ends up in various areas and my face is left feeling dry and covered. Ewww, who likes that? Not to mention it is NOT attractive.

I'll keep you all updated on my new regimen with the Skin Brightening Kit. We have a long way to go in this winter and my skin is putting all bets on the kit. If you're interested in getting the kit go to my eBoutique. If you're interested in getting some samples please send me a message with your contact information and I'll be sure to get them to you.


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